Knouff Lake Resort - 4 Season Resort

A Vacation Paradise where the Fish Are Always Jumping and dogs are always welcome

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Knouff Lake Is a Four-Season Wilderness Resort

We Are Open 12 Months of the Year...

Situated at approximately 3800 feet (1158 meters) above sea level in the Interior of B.C., Knouff Lake Wilderness Resort is ideally located to provide you with four distinct seasons of fun and enjoyment for the entire family. Each season brings it's own special activities with an abundance of fun for everyone...






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 The first sign of spring is a great time to visit Knouff. The warm sun is melting the snow, the birds are returning, and there are no crowds! For many people this is a perfect opportunity to shake off winter those winter blues and experience the great outdoors.  More....

 Ahhh... summer is finally here. Camping, fishing, songs around a campfire, kids playing in the playground. Warm days and cool nights make Knouff Lake Wilderness Resort the perfect retreat from your hectic city life.  More....   Fall is here, cooler, crisper weather brings the larger fish to the top, and the fishing gets nothing short of fantastic. It's still warm enough for some last minute camping before the snow comes, so bring the kids and your fishing rods. It doesn't get any better. More....  Winter is probably one of the absolute best times to visit the Resort. Fresh fallen snow, crisp mornings, fresh tracks in the snow, and an opportunity to do some ice fishing. Or how about a quick game of hockey on the rink with the kids. Lots of sunshine and fun for all.  More....

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Pet Friendly

We are a dog-friendly community. Pets with responsible owners are welcome and there is no extra charge.
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