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Activities At Knouff Lake

There is so much to do while you're visiting the resort...

One thing the vast majority of visitors first discover when they visit the Knouff Lake Resort, is the shear number of activities available. We are a 4-season resort, so no matter what time of year you come for a visit, you're sure to find activities the whole family can enjoy. Besides the obvious activities of camping and fishing, we have included a number of other activities for you and your family to experience while visiting the resort.

Camping  With cool summer nights and warm sunny days, Knouff Lake is a favorite camping destination in B.C.'s interior. With over 5 acres available for camping you can always find that perfect spot.

Cabin Rentals  Most people would never think of renting a cabin as an 'activity'. However, when you stop to think about it, a few adventure-filled days spent in a warm, cozy historic log cabin is an activity. One that is certainly not soon forgotten... definitely out of the ordinary.

Fishing  Try fly-fishing or trolling for our famous Kamloops Trout (Rainbow) in the spring, summer and fall. And don't forget about ice fishing... it's becoming extremely popular and is an incredible experience suitable for the whole family. Remember... "working is for those who don't know how to fish."

Boating  Knouff Lake just happens to be the perfect lake for boating. In fact, Knouff is probably one of the more picturesque little lakes in all of British Columbia. There are so many choices... power and row boats, paddle boarding canoes, kayaks, sailboards, sailboats, inflatables, belly boats, peddle boats and more. Just being out on the water gives you an entirely new perspective on life.

Paddle Boarding  Knouff Lake just happens to be the perfect lake for paddle boarding as well. There are so many choices... power and row boats, canoes, kayaks, sailboards, sailboats, inflatables, belly boats, peddle boats and more. Just being out on the water gives you an entirely new perspective on life.


Picnics  You can always find a picnic table and firepit for your family picnic. It doesn't matter what the season, you will always enjoy a good picnic. If you need wood for a hot dog roast, clean, dry firewood is available at reasonable rates... and don't forget the marshmallows!

Hiking  With miles and miles of wilderness trails at your doorstep, Knouff Lake Resort offers you the ultimate wilderness experience. Enjoy a walk around the lake, or perhaps a longer hike back into the forest. Discover what nature truly has to offer in your own backyard.

ATV's  One very popular sport today is ATV'ing and the Knouff Lake area offers some of the best and most exciting rides anywhere. From a short 10 minute ride to an adventurous all-day 50 mile trip, there are dozens of trails that will excite the ATV enthusiast. We do ask you though, to obey all applicable laws, stay off the grassed areas of the resort, and show respect for your neighbors and other visitors by driving slowly and quietly in to and out of the resort.

Bicycling  Don't forget to bring your bicycles... with all the trails available you'll be able to get all the exercise you need. And how about a peaceful ride around the lake. You never know what you'll discover along the lakeside or in the forest...

Swimming  On those long, hot summer days Knouff Lake can offer you a refreshing dip in the water. With so much sunshine in the summer, the water actually warms up very nicely. Simply swimming from the dock, diving from your boat, or swimming from one of the picturesque little islands is guaranteed to awaken and refresh...

Bird Watching  Ideally situated on the edge of a vast wilderness, the Knouff Lake Resort offers you a surprising opportunity for outstanding birdwatching. No matter if you're a dedicated birdwatcher, or a casual visitor, this area has an abundance of wildlife to view, photograph or simply enjoy. From loons, to eagles, osprey, hawks, blue herons, pileated woodpeckers and an endless variety of other birds, there is so much to see.... it's just something you have to experience for yourself!

Ice Fishing  If fresh trout are to your liking, how about a little ice fishing? Just because the ice has frozen over doesn't mean you can't enjoy delicious fresh fish for dinner. One of the more enjoyable activities the whole family can enjoy in the winter...

Snowmobiles  During the winter months the trails and backcountry offer the snowmobile enthusiast a true winter wilderness experience. With a vast network of wilderness trails, the valley and mountain trails offer a perfect blend of relaxing or adventurous riding.

Show Shoeing  Another winter activity so often overlooked, but one that offers an incredible amount of enjoyment (and exercise) is shoeshoing. Inexpensive, healthy, and not to mention a lot of fun, this activity is certainly one that can be enjoyed by practically anyone. It just doesn't get much better than this...

Cross Country Skiing  Cross country skiing is one of the more popular winter experiences in B.C. Here again, like snowshoeing, cross country skiing is inexpensive, easy to learn, and one of the most exhilerating exercises to do. With miles and miles of wilderness trails, as well as the ability to ski all around the lake during the winter, the whole family will be talking for days on end about the great time they had...

Toboganning  If you're coming up for the weekend or even just for the day, don't forget the tobaggans. We have a few hills and slopes around. And toboganning is not just for the kids either... even the more mature kids can have a blast!

Skating  During the winter when the water has frozen over, we clear and maintain our own rink on the lake for the skating enthusiast. Strap on the skates and do a few laps around the rink, or get together with family or friends for a quick game of hockey. And yes... we even have our own "lambonie!"

Exploring  With an abundance of wilderness, wildlife and good weather, Knouff Lake Resort and surrounding area offers an incredible opportunity to simply 'explore.' Chose your preferred method of transportation... walking, bicycling, boating, atv's, truck, motorcyles, whatever... there is so much to explore and discover. The main thing is to take your time to look around you... you'll be amazed at what you discover.

Playground  While you're laying back in the warm sun enjoying your favorite beverage, you won't have to worry about the kids. Besides a 5 acre campground to discover, and secret hideaways, we provide a playground suitable for all ages. There's a sandbox and toys for the toddlers, as well as swings and teeder todders for all ages. And check out the tire swings... from morning till dark this is one of the most popular activities for the kids.

Horseshoes  How about a friendly game of horseshoes? We have two pits so the entire family can play at once. If you forgot to bring your own set of horseshoes we have them available at the office... for no charge of course...

So what's stopping you? Contact us now for any further information you might have, or to make reservations for your favorite log cabin. The Knouff Lake Resort is truly yours to discover!

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