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Knouff Lake Boat Rentals

Power or Row-Boat Rentals, Peddle Boats and Canoes at Affordable Rates

For those who don't have a boat, chose not to bring one, or need extra boats, Knouff Lake Resort can provide you with safe, well-equipped row or power-boat rentals as well as canoes at very affordable rates.

All costs are in Canadian currency and may be paid by cash, credit card or debit card. Boats are normally available on a first-come first-serve basis, so in order to ensure there is a boat available for when you arrive, please make reservations here.

Rental Boat 350-262 Rental  First Hour  Additional Hours  Full Day 

Row Boat

 $25 $10 per hour   $45
Power Boat  $35 $10 per hour $65
Peddle Boat  $35 per hour
Paddle Board  $35 per hour
Canoe  $25 $10 per hour    $45 

Notes: Boat Launching $3.50

Provided with all Rentals: Lifejackets, anchors, emergency boating kit

Not Provided: Foul weather gear, fishing gear, tackle, first aid kit

Please Note:

*** Knouff Lake Resort is not and cannot be held responsible for details or accuracy of the following information or links. We provide this information in order to help our visitors better understand current regulations and laws. We do our best to ensure the information and links are up-to-date, but due to frequent changes of laws, information or links it is impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy. The responsibility is on the reader to always check for current information and updates provided by Transport Canada or in the case of fishing regulations, the Government of B.C.


Fishing Licenses: Due to recent changes in B.C. Fishing Regulations, we are no longer able to provide fishing licences at the lodge. Please be sure to purchase your fishing e-license before you come. You can do so at: http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca

Quotas: It's always a good idea to check current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake. For up-to-date information and quotas check online at: http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca or at the store.

Boat Operator's Card: Transport Canada now requires all operators of pleasure craft fitted with any type of motor and used for recreational purposes to carry proof of competency on board. This may include the following:
- pleasure craft operator card
- safety course passed prior to April 1, 1999
- other specific marine certificate
- equivalent competency for foreign visitors
- completed rental-boat safety checklist for that particular rental period
Get all the details at:

Safety Equipment: Transport Canada now requires safety equipment in all pleasure craft. This includes virtually all water craft, from paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, row boats, sail boats, and power boats. To determine what is required for your particular craft go to:

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Pet Friendly

We are a dog-friendly community. Pets with responsible owners are welcome and there is no extra charge.
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