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Knouff Lake Cabin Rentals

The Ultimate Canadian Wilderness Experience

Nestled among the pines close to shore are 11 warm, cozy, inviting cabins, 8 of them historic log cabins dating back to the early 1900's. Originally built as one of North America's oldest fishing camps, the ambiance and warmth of the cabins has been retained for modern day visitors.

These cabins are truly an experience you don't want to miss. They retain a character, a charm and a spirit that is difficult to describe. Each cabin is so unique in character, it may take a day or two to fully appreciate the beauty, uniqueness and spirit of each one.

The best thing is to simply book your reservation today and experience one of them for yourself... Our rates are very reasonable, in fact the vast majority of our customers continue to return year-after-year. We would look forward to welcoming you as a guest and as a friend.

And yes... that is real moss chinking between the logs in the pictures!

Please select your favorite cabin, then check for availability. May require substitutions depending on the season...

Summer is obviously the most favorite time of year for most folks... right? And spring and fall are favorites for fishing enthusiasts. But what many people don't realize is that winter can be one of the most fascinating possible times to visit Knouff Lake

We have a steady but continually increasing number of visitors especially from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland who are discovering the excitement and beauty the winter season has to offer. What better way to experience the great outdoors than to rent a warm, cozy log cabin! Or how about sitting around a warm campfire after a successful day ice fishing on the lake...

Cabin Description

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Lake Side (rustic cabin @ 372 sq-ft) *

Suitable for four guests offering two double beds

With a cozy wood interior and covered deck, the Lake Side cabin makes a perfect choice for a small family.

Lake Side Log Cabin



Lake Wood (rustic cabin @ 311 sq-ft) *

Suitable for four guests offering two double beds

Very warm and cozy inside, the inviting log wall interior creates the perfect atmosphere for a perfect vacation.

Lake Wood Log Cabin



Lake Shore (rustic cabin @ 316 sq-ft) *

Suitable for four guests offering one double bed & one bunk bed.

With a genuine antique wood stove to prepare your meals on... this cabin will provide an incredible experience.

Lake Shore Log Cabin



Lake Front (rustic cabin @ 313 sq-ft) *

Suitable for four guests offering two double beds

Sitting outside on the picturesque log deck overlooking the lake listening to the loons is bound to inspire.

Lake Front Log Cabin 134-100



Lake View (rustic cabin @ 526 sq-ft) *

Suitable for eight guests offering one double bed and six on bunks

With a perfect view of the lake, with your family or friends will have a time that will not be soon forgotten.

Lake View Log Cabin 134-100



Red Wood (the original lodge & caretakers residence @ 1100 sq-ft)

Suitable for minimum of six guests offering two bedrooms, washroom, kitchen & living room

Fully furnished, Red Wood is our most popular cabin, always in demand and will easily sleep 6 guests in comfort.

Red Wood Cabin 134-100



Kings (rustic cabin @ 511 sq ft) *

Suitable for eight guests offering four bunk beds

Set back from the lake edge this cabin overlooks most others and is nested away with Royal near by & a great choice for large groups with lots of kids

Kings Log Cabin 134-100



Royal (rustic cabin @ 509 sq-ft) *
Suitable for eight guests offering a double bed & three bunk beds

Set back from the lake edge this cabin overlooks most others and is nested away with Kings near by & a great choice for large groups with lots of kids

Royal Log Cabin 134-100



Hilltop (rustic cabin @ 322 sq-ft) *

Suitable for four guests offering two double beds

Set back from the lake edge this cabin overlooks all others and is nested away above Kings & Royal & close to the bath house

Hilltop Log Cabin 134-100



Hillside (rustic cabin on the campground side) *

Suitable for two guests offering a double bed

This cozy getaway for two is perfect for the weekend away enjoying nature

Hill Frame Cabin 134-100



Honeymoon (rustic cabin on the campground side) *

Suitable for two guests offering a double bed & includes lavatory.

This cozy getaway for two is perfect for the weekend away enjoying nature or just spending time to rekindle

Honeymoon Frame Cabin 134-100



*  Includes electricity, refrigerator, wood cook stoves, propane heaters, toaster, kettle, chairs, tables, beds and basic furniture. ** Prices subject to change... always confirm when reserving

Click Here to check for availability, make reservations, or ask questions

Additional Notes:

  1. All cabin rentals are in Canadian currency and may be paid by cash, credit card or debit card.
    • Cabins are available on a first-come first-serve basis.
    • Booking ahead helps ensure the cabin you want is available for your vacation.
  2. There are no additional charges with cabin rentals for
    • boat launch
    • docking facilities
  3. Check-in time begins at 2:00 pm:
    • this provides us time to prepare for your stay while other customers are departing.
  4. Check-out time is 11:00 am daily: 
    • If you need to be in earlier phone ahead for more information.
  5. We pride ourselves on providing all our guests with the most positive experience possible and therefore request:
    • 11:00 pm is our quiet time each evening and all of our guest are required to respect this.
    • Excessive use of alcohol and or loud parties are prohibited.
    • Unnecessary use of noisy a.t.v.'s or vehicles are prohibited.
  6. In order to provide a safe and secure visit, please be aware we provide:
    • 24 hour security for our guests.
    • Our gate is closed and locked each night at 10:00 pm and re-opened at 8:00 am.
    • This ensures you will not be disturbed by unwelcome late-night visitors.
    • If you need to arrive or depart during those hours please contact the office in the lodge for more information.

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Pet Friendly

We are a dog-friendly community. Pets with responsible owners are welcome and there is no extra charge.
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