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Frequently-Asked-Questions About Knouff Lake and Surrounding Area

1. Most camping in Canada today requires a reservation and I need to plan ahead for weeks if not months. Will I be able to find a campsite if I come on short notice?

The camping area is huge... in fact it's approximately 5 acres in size!  It's best to give us a call ahead of time and give us a quick heads-up so we are prepared and can be sure to fit you in. 

2.  I'm going to rent one of your cabins for the week. What type of washrooms are available?

Open 12 months of the year, we provide modern, heated washroom facilities close to the majority of the cabins. Basic facilities are provided such as flush toilets, urinals, hot and cold water, as well as coin operated showers (approx. one loonie per 5 minute shower). The decor of the washrooms is fascinating... in fact you just have to see it for yourself... they are almost a tourist attraction on their own! 

Two other cabins, the Hillside and Honeymoon are in another area of the resort, and are adjacent to additional washroom facilities that have hot and cold running water, and flush toilets. These washrooms are unheated and are for warmer months only.

3. I have a Golden Retreiver that I can't and don't want to leave at home. Are pets allowed at the resort?

Absolutely! In fact we have a dog ourselves that we totally love, and couldn't imagine not being able to take our pet with us either. As you will notice on the left navigation area we have a notice indicating we are a 'Pet Friendly' resort. We do ask though, and this is only reasonable, that you keep your pet under control at all times. You can check out the details here...

4. A lot of resorts are crowded, noisy and well, a bit unruly. What can I expect from a vacation at Knouff?

Well, you can expect something a LOT different up here... First of all the Resort is HUGE. We have acres and acres of room for everyone, so no one is going to feel like they are in a confined area. There are separate camping zones or areas, depending on your personal preference. And the cabins are well situated in order to provide sufficient privacy for our guests. We also provide 24 hr security during all busy periods. And to really ensure a quality vacation we close and lock our main gates during the night.

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Pet Friendly

We are a dog-friendly community. Pets with responsible owners are welcome and there is no extra charge.
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