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Summer - A Time for Camping

Ahhh... summer is finally here. Camping, fishing, songs around a campfire, kids playing in the playground. Warm days and cool nights make Knouff Lake Resort the perfect retreat from your hectic city life.

I guess if most of us were asked to pick our favorite time of year it would overwhelmingly be summer. The perfect time of year... we can get out in our campers, be outside for as long as we wish without wearing heavy clothing and boots. The fish are biting, our friends are all here and even with the long summer days it seems we can't seem to get in all the things we want to do each day.

The kids are out of school and what an incredible time to head for the lake. Warm summer days lead to long summer nights and flickering campfires. Fishing and swimming become our favorite pasttimes and the sounds of laughter and joy come from the playground.

It's a time to explore the country on ATV's, bicycles or on foot. The grass feels cool on the feet, and it's time to enjoy all our friends and relative...



Below are just a few of the activities or services you can enjoy at Knouff Lake in the summer, whether it's a day trip, or a camping trip on the weekend, or even 2 or 3 weeks spent at the lake for a full-blown family vacation...

Hiking & exploring
Bird watching
Picnics & campfires
Photography & artwork
Backcounty ATVs

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Pet Friendly

We are a dog-friendly community. Pets with responsible owners are welcome and there is no extra charge.
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